News for 2018-2019 OHRV Registrations

*******NEW FOR 2018**********

“Effective May 1, 2018 (starting with 2018/2019) OHRV wheeled vehicle registrations will be broken out into member vs. non-club member rates; appropriate proof of club membership will be required at the time of registration for member rates.”       Per NH Fish & Game Digest of Regulations…

What that means is that NHOHVA affiliated OHRV Clubs, starting in January 2018, will provide each of their members with a voucher and a unique club member ID# as Proof of Club Membership. This voucher and ID# will be accepted by Registration Agents to receive the lower club member rate.

When you join any of the NHOHVA affiliated clubs, those fees go directly to the club and the trails that we all enjoy riding.

If you choose not to join a club, the extra registration funds will go to Bureau of Trails, Grant In Aid program.

If you register multiple machines your proof of club membership will allow for the lower registration rate for each registration.



NHOHVA is currently building an online Club Membership Program that will help you join one or multiple clubs to receive a voucher that you can print and take directly to the Registration Agent.

New Hampshire Off Highway Vehicle Association and each of the affiliated clubs are thankful to the many volunteers, members and riders who support the maintenance and development of all the trail systems we enjoy!!!



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