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2019 Jericho ATV Fest

Most Trails in NH are open, check with local clubs on temporary individual trail closures!!  Ride right and in control,  Be respectful to all users and neighbors.  Please thank the landowners who allow OHRVs on their land!

Bureau of Trails link for trail information

NH F&G Registration Agents

Bureau of Trails Trail Ettiquette


Not only do you get your $30 discount per each NH State Registration, but important funds go directly to the individual clubs so they have the critical financial resources to improve trails and create new ones.

Each year clubs apply to the NH Bureau of Trails for Grant-in-Aid funding.  A portion of your registration fee goes into this GiA fund.  The rules require up to 40% matching funds from the club to qualify. If you choose not to join a club, the extra registration fee will go into the GiA fund. Any unused GiA money that season will be rolled over to the Land Acquisition & Maintenance fund which can also be used by NH Bureau of Trails on other OHRV trails in NH.

Many clubs host events, rides among other fun things and include their members in these.

Please consider joining a NHOHVA affiliated club today to help maintain the trails we all enjoy to ride!


A membership in any of the NHOHVA 24+ affiliated clubs entitles that member a membership in NHOHVA for FREE.   This membership includes occasional emails pertaining to but not limited to membership, legislation, safety and trail patrol along with events and general information.  You can unsubscribe from these any time at the bottom of the email.

A membership in NHOHVA also supports the club you join. At the annual meeting the club’s delegate count is based on a Club’s membership size.  These delegates vote on the annual budget for NHOHVA and the governing by-laws. Along with the direction of NHOHVA. 

NHOHVA membership supports the clubs in their continued fight for and against OHRV legislation in New Hampshire.  NHOHVA also helps educate youth riders with the OHRV simulator which travels around to events across NH. 

Please consider Joining NHOHVA for FREE when you join a NHOHVA Affiliated Non-Profit club in NH.