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Fall 2015 Marshall University OHV Scholarship

Applications due August 7th, 2015, Classes begin August 24th. NOHVCC is once again proud to administer a scholarship for a semester of the Marshall University OHV Recreation Management program. The fall semester OHV Recreation Management courses are PLS 450/550: Introduction to Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation; and PLS 452/552: Construction of OHV Trail Systems. The information in these courses can be invaluable for both agency personnel as well as enthusiasts. The winner of the scholarship will be able to choose 1 of the 2 offered courses for this fall’s semester. This semester’s scholarship is being offered by the Right Rider Access Fund. The applications are due in the NOHVCC office on August 7th. NOHVCC will review the applications and choose a winner in the shortest amount of time possible. Fall courses begin August 24th. Information about all 4 courses, including how to register for the courses is on the NOHVCC website at: www.nohvcc.org/Education/MarshallU.aspx For more information regarding the scholarship or to receive an application, contact NOHVCC staff at trailhead@nohvcc.org. For additional information regarding the content of the course, contact Theresa Litteral M.S. attlitteral@njrati.org. The Right Rider Access Fund is a charitable, community benefit organization created in 2011 to support off-highway vehicle enthusiasts directly, by supplementing the work of the Motorcycle Industry Council, the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America, and the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association, and in other ways. The Fund’s charitable mission is to promote the safe and responsible use of off-highway vehicles and to preserve their access to appropriate... read more

New Jersey Man Dies in an ATV Crash in Stratford

New Jersey Man Dies in an ATV Crash in Stratford ​32 year old Joshua Maguire of Blairstown, NJ died from injuries sustained in an ATV crash in Stratford at approximately 3:00 PM on July 10, 2015.  Maguire was leaving a family camp on Potato Hill Road in Stratford with a friend, on a separate ATV, when he failed to negotiate a turn and went off the road.  Potato Hill Road is also an ATV trail and is maintained as such.  Maguire was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.  New Hampshire Fish and Game along with New Hampshire State Police worked together on the investigation and were able to determine that speed was the major contributing factor to the... read more

Press Release

PRESS RELEASE July 1, 2015 Contact: Harry C. Brown, President Ride the Wilds 603-237-5716 ridethewild@gmail.com For immediate release: An internal Executive Committee email within the North Country OHRV Coalition was recently released to outside sources, according to Harry Brown, President and spokesperson for the Coalition. The memo outlined the Coalition’s discussions with Eversource, the builder of the proposed Northern Pass Transmission Line. The following is an excerpt from the memo: “I [Harry Brown] have spoken with every single director about my activities reference the ‘Northern Pass’ negotiations. While the final details are not even worked out – thought it might be today – it looks like this at this moment: up front $250,000 to $ 500,000 and a gift of land of a little over 1,100 acres in the Diamond Pond area valued in excess of $ 1,500,000 with 9 residential structures in various sizes.   Once the Northern Pass project is approved, then they will grant us an easement for a trail from Hall Streams Road in Pittsburg to the Dixville town line on Sugar Hill.  In addition, they will grant us $ 500,000 a year over the next 10 years or an addition $ FIVE MILLION DOLLARS!” Brown claims that this memo, or parts of it, have been distributed to the press. He maintains that it is premature to release anything because the Coalition lacks a firm offer from Eversource. Brown nonetheless acknowledged that the above quote from the internal memo is an accurate depiction of discussions to date. If and when, according to Brown, the Coalition is offered something concrete to discuss, the following process will most... read more

The NH Wildlife Action Plan is being updated and we’d like your input!

Share what you think New Hampshire can do to safeguard natural lands for wildlife and people! Are you wild about New Hampshire? Natural lands are an important part of what make New Hampshire a place where people want to live, work and play. The State’s Wildlife Action Plan is a blueprint that guides state agencies, towns, conservation organizations and others in their efforts to protect land and manage wildlife. NH Fish and Game, in collaboration with other agencies and organizations, is updating the NH Wildlife Action Plan. Biologists, land use experts, land protection advocates, state agency staff, conservation commissioners, local planning board members, foresters, educators – all who impact habitat and wildlife as professionals or volunteers – are invited to weigh in on the plan that will guide state and local action for the next decade. Input sessions are being held around the state in April – June to gather ideas for actions from people who are closely connected with, and concerned about, protecting wildlife and habitats. We invite you to come hear about updated species and habitats of concern. Share your views and suggest actions that will make the revised Wildlife Action Plan an even more useful and informative guide for 2015-2025. Please join the discussion! Saturday June 27, 2015 10:00am – 12 noon Stratford Grange Hall 845 Route 3, Stratford, NH View the PDF... read more

Decal Placement

Good afternoon, FYI- (See below) To clear up some confusion on decal placement I have received a couple calls regarding some confusion with the decal placement depicted on Page 7 of the new OHRV Law Digest.  In short, the placement of the decals on an OHRV shall be attached securely on the front and rear of the vehicle, in an unobstructed manner, as high as possible or at a location designed by the manufacturer.  During the final edit process of the digest, we attempted to depict the decal placement on the wheeled vehicles as close as possible to the front and rear. Unfortunately, the final version creates an impression that both decals should be on the same side as opposed to front and rear.  As you know, on many of today’s modern machines, from and rear unobstructed decal placement is not always possible. Also, some staff and instructors have taught riders to put them on each side of an OHRV. Technically, the law does not provide for this so I did the best I could to capture the front and rear wording from the statute.  I will look to improve and clarify the decal placement diagram next year. We may also need to amend the statute if necessary. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Respectfully, John Wimsatt 215-A:21 Registration. All OHRVs except conventional motor vehicles registered for highway use shall be registered at the fee provided in RSA 215-A:23, and shall be furnished a registration plate or decals of a design and color as chosen by the executive director. Said registration plate... read more