Legislative update 6-21-2019

SB 39

relative to the repair of roads not maintained by a municipality.

Sen. Kevin Cavanaugh

Adopted by House with Amendment on 6/6/2019 

Senate concurred with the House on 6/13/2019

Association takes no position.  Bill is mainly relative to federally backed mortgage issues on properties that abut such roads.


HB 591

amending the laws governing OHRVs and snowmobiles.

Adopted by the Senate with Amendment on 05/15/2019.

Committee Amendment #2019-1858s

House Concurred with the Senate on 6/13/2019

NHOHVA supports bill as amended by Senate.


HB 592

relative to OHRV operation and license.

Adopted by the House on 03/14/2019.

Committee voted 15-4 for Ought To Pass (OTP). Riders on town roads must have a driver's license. 

4/2/2019 NHOHVA proposed amendments in the Senate Transportation Committee hearing to raise the age of the accompanying adult to 25. 

Adopted by the Senate with Amendment on 05/15/2019.

Committee Amendment #2019-1852s

House Transportation Committee has agreed to concur with Senate that adds several provisions  #2019-2559c 

NHOHVA supports bill as adopted by the Senate.


HB 630

Increasing certain fines for OHRV and snowmobile operation violations.

Passed House vote 292 to 81 on 4/4/2019

Adopted by the Senate on 05/15/2019.

Bill is Enrolled.  #2019-2238e


NHOHVA supports.

HB 660

relative to studying the economic and other impacts of OHRV use in New Hampshire.

Passed House with Amendment on 03/19/2019.

Adopted by the Senate with Amendment on 05/15/2019.

House concurred with the Senate Amendment on 6/13/2019.

NHOHVA generally supports. Amendment leaves it to DNCR to find funding.

Committee Amendment #2019-1850s


SB 187

relative to OHRV dealer and rental agency registration fees and snowmobile registration fees.

Committee Report: Ought to Pass with Amendment #1164s for 03/27/2019 (Vote 5-0, CC)

Primarily a snowmobile reg fee increase, but it would also increase dealer and rental company registration fees for OHRVs. Antique snowmobile plates would only be applicable to 1995 and older machines. The Bill was changed to phase-in the fee increase.  Also to move the yearly F&G registration date to May 1st and repeal the 14 month OHRV registration.

 Link to Amendment;  

 Amendment #2019-1164s, 03/27/2019

Adopted by House 6/5/2019, bill is Enrolled


NHOHVA has offered support

SB 185

establishing a rail trail corridors advisory committee to assist the department of transportation in updating the state trails plan and making an appropriation therefor.

Sen. Jay Kahn

Adopted on 03/07/2019.

House Public Works and Highways

Adopted by House on 6/5/2019, Adopted by Senate.

Bill is relative to rail trails. House committee has amended to make the committee into an advisory group of stakeholders chosen by DOT.  NHOHVA will monitor.

Amendment #2019-1618h


SB 200

relative to wildlife corridors.

Sen. David Watters

House Transportation (2nd Committee)

Adopted with Amendment on 02/14/2019.

Adopted with Amendment on 05/08/2019.

Adopted by the House on 06/06/2019.

Fish and Game has raised concerns about definitions.  NHOHVA shares the concerns but there is language that limits our concerns. Governor’s position unknown.



HB 683: relative to the rights of property owners abutting certain highways and rail trails.

Sponsor: Rep. Wayne Moynihan

Committee: House Resources, Recreation and Development

Status: Retained in Committee on 03/13/2019.

Comments: Committee voted to Retain. NHOHVA will monitor and participate in any study committee that arises, but strongly opposes the underlying bill.


HB 498

prohibiting OHRV operation on class v ways.

Killed on a voice vote 3/20/2019

HB 639: relative to speed limits in cities and towns.

Sponsor: Rep. Jacqueline Cali-Pitts

Committee: House Transportation

Status: Killed by the House on 02/27/2019.

HB 699: relative to discounts for OHRV and snowmobile registration.

Sponsor: Rep. James Spillane

Committee: House Fish and Game and Marine Resources

Status: Killed by the House on 02/27/2019.

SB 234

establishing the position of director of the office of outdoor recreation industry development in the department of business and economic affairs.

Sponsor: Sen. Jeb Bradley

Adopted with Amendment on 03/14/2019.

Senate Finance (2nd Committee)

Tabled by the Senate on 03/28/2019. Pending Motion Inexpedient to Legislate.

Committee report of ITL. No opposition at public hearing. NHOHVA supports.