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2019 Club Memberships valid to December 31, 2019

Legislative Update 3/5/2019 from Glenn Wallace, RYP


HB 498 – Bill to close Class V roads

Transportation Committee voted 16-3 for Inexpedient to Legislate which means they voted to kill it. But it still must go to the full House.



HB 592 – Age Bill

As expected, the Transportation Committee voted to pass 15 – 4 which is higher than we expected. It will be on the House floor next week. Given the nature of the committee vote, I don’t think we will have any chance of flipping it here.

Please keep contacting your Senators to oppose.


House Resources, Recreation and Development Committee will meet this week for a work session to discuss HB683, HB591, HB660 and vote during Executive Session next week.


We will keep you posted, Keep up the great support!

NHOHVA Executive Committee


When RENEWING a membership you will need your email and previous Club Member ID#.
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After joining, NEW 2019 members that need a 19A Voucher to register NOW for the current 2018/2019 NH registration season, which is sold until April 30th, 2019, please contact NHOHVA     at 413-200-8061

Otherwise, the 20A Voucher will be good starting May 1st, 2019 when the 14 month Registrations become available and when the Annual registration goes on sale in the middle of June, 2019.

Effective May 1, 2018 (starting with 2018/2019) New Hampshire OHRV wheeled vehicle registrations will be broken out into member vs. non-club member rates; appropriate proof of club membership will be required at the time of registration for member rates.

All New Hampshire Off Highway Vehicle Association (NHOHVA) affiliated N.H. OHRV Clubs will provide each of their members with a voucher and a unique club member ID# as Proof of Club Membership. This voucher and ID# will be recognized at N.H. Registration Agents to receive the lower club member rate.

The main reason to join a club is not just to get your $30 discount per each NH State Registration, but more importantly, to get money directly to the clubs so they have the financial resources to improve trails and create new ones. Most Grant in Aid (GIA) which comes from your registration dollars require up to 40% matching funds from the club to qualify for the GIA from NH Bureau of Trails. If you choose not to join a club, the extra registration funds will go to this fund.

Another reason is to increase any amount of volunteer participation in the clubs. All clubs are non-profit organizations and operate on membership dues, donations, fundraisers and the dedicated volunteers. 

If you register multiple OHRVs your proof of club membership will allow for the lower registration rate for each registration.

The New Hampshire Off Highway Vehicle Association and each of the affiliated clubs are thankful to the many volunteers, members and riders who support the maintenance and development of all the trail systems we enjoy.

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